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SLP Scheduler is the smart scheduling assistant for school-based Speech-Language Pathologists.

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We regularly survey our users to see how SLP Scheduler has impacted them. If you're similar to our average SLP user, you should be able to:

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How it works.
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Instead of wrangling stacks of sticky notes, our Caseload Editor removes the guesswork and gives you confidence that no student or constraint is overlooked.

SLP Scheduler helps you handle changes with ease. With students and constraints stored securely, you'll never have to re-enter data--this school year or next.

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SLP Scheduler is the answer to years of frustration in scheduling students. It was easy to input the information needed, I clicked submit, then waited less than an hour for five different options. I picked the first option because it worked. I will definitely continue to use SLP Scheduler.

Kathleen S.

This school year I was at a new elementary school with a schedule that did not line up well by grade level, so my old spreadsheet systems of scheduling were not going well. . . . the SLP Scheduler app generated a usable schedule, but I don't know how else I would have done it this year. Thanks for the help!

Christina F.

I really like SLP Scheduler because you can be specific even about the maximum number of students to put in a group for the type of student, and across multiple locations. I used SLP Scheduler when I was working at three different schools. The algorithm and programming are great.

Vivian T.

What makes SLP Scheduler different.

True optimization

Other schedulers stop when they find the first schedule that fits. SLP Scheduler continues by optimizing candidate schedules to best match your preferences.

Artificial intelligence

State-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms create custom schedules that humans normally wouldn't come up with on their own.

Caseloads of any size

Have 90 students to schedule? No problem! Our engine takes everything into account--all while preserving your sanity.

Account for everything

Humans can sometimes overlook a constraint or conflict. Our engine sees everything all at once and avoids common human mistakes.

Save time week after week

Not only do we help you kick off the school year efficiently, you get to enjoy more efficiency every week throughout the school year.

Handle the unexpected

Don’t waste your valuable time accommodating unforeseen policy or schedule changes. Let the scheduler do it for you with the click of a button.

HIPAA compliance

Sensitive data is encrypted with HIPAA-compliant algorithms both in transit and at rest.

Support included

In case you run into any snags, our support team is at your service. No additional cost.

Guaranteed to automatically find your optimal schedule.

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Since 2016, we've successfully generated 12,054 schedules for SLPs like you. Join us!

Jonathan and Melissa
Jonathan and Melissa

We are Hack Engine. Jonathan (husband and founder) is a Computer Engineer, and Melissa (wife and co-founder) is a Speech-Language Pathologist. Our aim is to enable SLPs to abstract away time-consuming problems (like scheduling), so you can focus on what matters most.