Your SLP staff's schedule.
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SLP Scheduler is the smart scheduling assistant for school-based Speech-Language Pathologists.

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Are you ready to optimize the time and impact of your SLP staff?

Extend the reach of your current SLP staff

Ensure that all scheduling constraints are accommodated

Ensure that your SLPs’ schedules are flexible to accommodate FMLA leaves and additional students qualifying for services

Optimize your SLPs’ schedules to help them best meet the needs of your school population

Maximize Medicaid reimbursement by increasing SLPs’ productivity

Ensure that students’ services and minutes are mets and students’ information encrypted to confirm HIPAA compliance

Guarantee compliance with your state’s medicaid regulations and in the event of a district audit

Increase your SLPs’ weekly margin for make-up sessions, evaluations, IEP meetings, collaboration, and co-teaching

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How it works.
(Kind of like magic.)

Instead of wrangling stacks of sticky notes, our Caseload Editor removes the guesswork and gives you confidence that no student or constraint is overlooked.

Check out our complete list of features for more.

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Our Customers

Since 2016, we've successfully generated 12,054 schedules for SLPs.

We regularly survey our users to see how SLP Scheduler has impacted them. Our average SLP users are able to:

SLP Scheduler is the answer to years of frustration in scheduling students. It was easy to input the information needed, I clicked submit, then waited less than an hour for five different options. I picked the first option because it worked. I will definitely continue to use SLP Scheduler.

Kathleen S.

This school year I was at a new elementary school with a schedule that did not line up well by grade level, so my old spreadsheet systems of scheduling were not going well. . . . the SLP Scheduler app generated a usable schedule, but I don't know how else I would have done it this year. Thanks for the help!

Christina F.

I really like SLP Scheduler because you can be specific even about the maximum number of students to put in a group for the type of student, and across multiple locations. I used SLP Scheduler when I was working at three different schools. The algorithm and programming are great.

Vivian T.

Are you ready to support your SLP staff?

With SLP Scheduler, you CAN!

Avail time for SLPs to complete additional COVID compensatory services paperwork

Equip SLPs to have the time margin to complete Medicaid Billing

Enable your SLPs to embrace various recommended service delivery models as a means to best meet your district and student needs

Guarantee that your SLPs are practicing at the top of their license and maximizing your district’s special education budget in the process

Guarantee that IEP minutes are being met

Ensure compliance and accountability in the instance of an audit

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