The service is purchased according to the number of caseloads (not per SLP), and the price is $27 (USD) per caseload per school year. Once purchased, you'll have access to run the scheduling engine and view results until the last month of your 12-month subscription. If you renew at that point, you'll maintain access to all of your caseload data and previously generated schedules.

Access to scheduling engine Discount Price per caseload
Single Year 1 school year None $27 one-time
Auto-Renew Continuous 10% off each year $24.30 annually

Start interacting with the Caseload Editor today (no credit card needed). Simply by creating an account, you can enjoy full access to the Caseload Editor. Learn about how SLP Scheduler works, and even try entering your caseload--free of charge. Your access to the Caseload Editor never expires.

7-day free trial. Once you're ready to generate candidate schedules for the caseload you've entered, you can start your 7-day free trial. During this time, you can enjoy full access to the scheduling engine, which generates candidate schedules for your caseload. You can take a full week to decide whether SLP Scheduler will meet your need. If not, no problem! During your free trial, you can request a cancellation, and your card won't be charged at all.

Caseloads. The most common scenario is purchasing a single caseload (quantity of 1). This allows you (and, optionally, an assistant who shares your caseload) to create a schedule that covers the entire caseload.

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